Our Story

Almost everyone I know loves perfume and appreciate the wonderful smell, but I don't know anyone who can truly say that he or she likes unpleasant odours. As soon as we pick up the slightest unpleasant odour we wrinkle our nose and conclude: this stinks!


This is easy to understand, considering that the human body has a very sensible sense of smell. Scientists in the USA have discovered that we can diversify more than one billion different kinds of odours and not only around 10.000 as it was widely believed as science used to believe for decades. 


I am a declared lover of beautiful odours. I have been fascinated, inspired and tamed by them since childhood. My father, a perfumer from Hamburg, took me to his laboratory for the first time, when I was ten years old. Back then this was for me like entering a wonder world, considering that my father stored more than 3.000 different aromas, odours and their sources. My father has made me sensitive and receptive for the odours of this world. I am grateful until today for this gift.


I consider myself a "craftsman". Expressed differently: I have no intention to create my own odour. My focus is on giving the beautiful odours space - or better room to spread. I do not create pleasant odours; I make sure that unpleasant odours disappear. That id why I developed LINOZZ.


My father already followed the research on cage molecules, which are able to capture and hold unpleasant odours sustainably, back in the 80's. Around 30 more years had to pass before this active principle could be transformed into a working product, which is affordable to everyone. I focused several years of my career on these cage molecules before I could finally sell my very first bottle of LINOZZ. Today I can say: Clean air is possible without using chemical substances, in a natural way. My credo is: Fresh air - naturally! Give it a try. You will be pleased.


  Yours Rene Meyer


We all have experienced this before. You walk into a room and the stench is terrible - the stench of smoke, cats or dogs, fresh paint or simply of "used up air". Often it is tried to make the odour disappear with chemical products - and even if it works for a period of time, it does not get to the root of the problem and the odour does not disappear for good. The odour is simply covered up.   


In fact, you do not need to apply chemical substances at all to get fresh air. LINOZZ is a biological air cleaner, that is based on natural sources and that does not cause any risk to your health. LINOZZ is easy to apply and does not contain any propellant gas.


The Secret to LINOZZ is a natural Phenomenon: Cage Molecules.

They are able to surround, take and hold on and to remove the source of odours in it´s particles. The active principle of the biological filter is simple. Odours-simplified-contain of small molecules, that basically get sucked up and held in the hollow space of the cage molecules. This does not cause any chemical reaction. Once a room either gets vacuum cleaned, wiped or aired out after the application of LINOZZ, the cage molecules will leave the room together with their "pray", This is how easy you can receive natural and healthy clean air with LINOZZ.